Get the latest health information about ACLS, updates for nurses and more

Get the latest health information about ACLS, updates for nurses and more

Social media has become a powerful tool in delivering pertinent information, acquiring latest updates and instantaneously connects us to the rest of the world with just a single touch of a button. Some were hesitant to adopt the change but with a strong social media presence everywhere, most people have gradually started to embrace the influence of social media. This holds true to some healthcare professionals and agencies. Today, we have a massive account that delivers information right to us without even having to leave the comforts of our home.

Online ACLS Certification

In the early generations, when we have a medical condition, we treat ourselves at home without the sufficient knowledge of what our condition really was.

Technology has evolved, thus our means to diagnose ourselves. With more people having access to the internet, it is most likely that they will research on certain information first before visiting a doctor. Most people find answers to their health related concerns through social media.

And basically, with this trend, most healthcare professionals and advocates use this tool to spread valuable healthcare news. It can also serve as their gateway to serve the public, patients and providers without any restrictions on certain regulations.

Twitter is one of the most useful tools used by healthcare experts to spread information, raise awareness, share trends and even to report an outbreak. Most medical students, healthcare professionals and practitioner rely on tweets for things they need to know and learn. Here are some of the top twitter accounts for healthcare professionals to follow (in no particular order):

Twitter Account: @AmerMedicalAssn

Their twitter profile says: “The premier national organization that empowers physicians, residents and med students to succeed at every phase of their career.”

AMA’s tweets are overflowing with medical information, links to medical research, and latest news. With a lot of research links and data posted, this is a best tool for online MBA healthcare students. Their recent tweets include articles on the latest Graham Cassidy Healthcare Act, to articles on how diseases can be easily transferred from one athlete to another.

AANP (American Association of Nurse Practioners)
Twitter Account: @AANP_news

AANP considered as the voice of the nurse practitioners, it is the largest and only full service national membership organization for nurses of all specializations.

JAY PARKINSON — Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Sherpaa
Twitter Account: @jayparkinson

As a founder of Sherpaa, Jay Parkinson aims to centralize healthcare and allow patients and doctors to communicate efficiently. He has been called on of the “top ten most creative people in healthcare”. His critical views of the current healthcare industry have made him stand out from the rest.

Twitter Account: @Berci

Tweeting since 2007, Dr. Bertalan Mesko has been listed as one of the “Top 10 Healthcare Voices” on LinkedIn. His tweets feed patients and doctors with medical resources, news and advice which they can rely on. He also maintains his website: with more detailed information.

Twitter bio says: “The Medical Futurist, science fiction fanatic, sharing news, visions and announcements about the exciting future of medicine & healthcare.”

Twitter Account: @aclstraining

The official ACLS account for healthcare providers in US and Canada, this account gives you the information on online PALS, and BLS recertification, ACLS online training material and certification. Their tweets also give you information on the latest news about ACLS and some articles pertaining to healthcare.

Twitter Account: @MSF_USA

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) or Doctors without Borders is an international NGO best known for its projects in war-stricken regions and developing countries affected by endemic diseases. Follow them as they journey to different parts of the world providing medical aid where it is needed most.

There are still hundreds of accounts that healthcare professionals should follow and check. Knowledge is power and these organizations are crucial in giving that information vital for saving mankind.